No More Gooey Impressions!

You need a restoration and you are absolutely dreading it. We understand. Biting into that mass of impression goop makes you gag and it has to stay in your mouth for what seems like hours. Worse, sometimes the impression for something like a dental crown has to be taken 2-3 times. Not anymore! Dr. Glenn Norton now has the 3 Shape Trios intraoral digital scanner to make getting any restoration – like your crown – as easy as 1,2, 3 Shape!

trios scannerThe Trios 3 IntraOral Digital Scanner:

  1. Creates precision images for incredibly accurate restorations
  2. Eliminates the gooey discomfort of impressions
  3. Shortens your appointment time

triosThis amazing piece of technology captures more than 3,000 images per second! To protect your health, there is a removable tip that we can sterilize in our autoclave for the ultimate in sterilization. Plus, it can even work as an intraoral camera to show us precisely what is happening in your mouth.

“We are now able to scan for crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, surgical guides, veneers, and much more, instead of using goopy impression material.  Patients love it and it also makes the process much quicker. We e-mail the scan to the lab  (they get it in 3min !!!) and then get the final crown back to us even more quickly than ever before.” – Dr. Norton

It all adds up to a better, more comfortable restoration process. So about that broken tooth… come see us for a state of the art experience!

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