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Additions and Upgrades in our Evansville Dental Office

We’re always looking for ways to improve our skills, upgrade our technology, and make our office efficient and as patient-friendly as possible.

Our goal right now is to become as paperless an office as we can. We’ve implemented the Dentrix system, which helps us manage the office electronically, including appointment scheduling, patient records management, and on-demand patient education resources.

Waiting Room

We’ve been a metal-free office since 1995. There are concerns about the mercury contained in some of the old metal filings. But the simple truth is that the tooth-colored resin fillings provide a tighter seal so bacteria can’t sneak into your tooth, and they’re certainly more attractive than metal fillings. No one will know how many of your teeth have fillings, because they’ll look just the same as every other tooth!

We have also converted all our imaging from X-rays to digital x-rays. X-rays require much less radiation, the results are much more detailed, and they’re much better for the environment.