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Are you tired of your dentures? You might have good reason to be! Most dentures are not created with consideration for your features or your bite and simply don’t look good. They can make your face look collapsed and age you well beyond your years. Worse, ill-fitting dentures can contribute to bone loss, with most of the loss occurring in the first 12 months after the teeth are removed. Some people lose over 40 percent of the height and width of the mouth structure in the first year.  This is one of the major contributors to ill-fitting dentures and discomfort when chewing.

Dr. Glenn Norton Offers a Comfortable and Beautiful Solution

You have probably heard about how dental implants can replace missing teeth for the ultimate in comfort and function. But you already wear full or partial  dentures – how could you possibly replace all those teeth with single dental implants? Most people can’t. That’s when Evansville dentist Dr. Norton recommends implant supported dentures to his dental patients. These incredible dentures are superior options to traditional dentures, not only because they are created to enhance your appearance, but also because they are held securely in place by implant posts. No adhesive is needed yet they remain comfortable all day, every day, with no fear of slippage. Even better, they support your bone to prevent that aging, collapsed appearance, and they look so much like natural teeth, many people never notice that they aren’t your own.

The Beautiful Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

Because dentures don’t support the bones that once held your teeth, your bone will begin to deteriorate. Most of the bone loss occurs in the very first year of denture use, and the aging effect is almost instantaneous.  Lips begin to look significantly thinner, jowls become more prominent, and the mouth takes a downward turn. Because the mouth is compressed, sores often form at the corners. Even worse, if dentures don’t fit properly, eating, speaking, and laughing can become difficult and embarrassing ventures.
Not so with implant retained dentures from Dr. Glen Norton. Because the implant posts support the bone, the bone remains intact and the aging effect of tooth loss is avoided. Your lips remain full, your mouth upturned, and best of all, you can eat whatever you like and speak with complete confidence. For more information about implant retained dentures, call Dr. Glenn Norton at his Evansville dental office today.