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My wife and I will be taking some time this summer to catch up with our children and grandchildren. We’re proud of all them and love watching our grandkids grow up. They change so much! We wish they lived closer to our home and dental practice in Evansville, but we see them as much as we can.

My son, Scott, is an Endodontist, living in Louisville, KY. He’s married with two boys, Alex, 10, and Ben, 7, who both play lacrosse for their school. Scott and his wife, Kim, are very involved with their activities, and Scott likes to play tennis in his spare time. We get to see them about once a month. Whew! They wear us out with all their energy!

Son, Brett, and his wife, Michele, also have two children, Hannah and Lev. Brett’s a computer whiz and works as a software developer for pharmaceutical companies in New Jersey. Michele helps run a day care center for child development. We’ll be seeing them in Florida in June for a beach vacation and can’t wait to hug and kiss them, and spend time with them.

Alex and Ben are going to camp this summer, and all the grandkids are getting to be good swimmers.

Taking Time for Family — My 3 Sons!

Our son, Craig, has a chemical engineering degree and a Ph.D. in polymer science. He’s currently working for Bridgestone Tire in Iowa. He’s an American history buff, and likes to read and cook. He plays tennis on a USTA traveling team. Last year, he bought a snowmobile and enjoys riding in Utah on the weekends.

If you’re visiting family this summer, tell us about it next time you visit our dental office in Evansville. We love to hear about our patients’ families!