You don’t have to hide your smile due to missing teeth any longer.

dental implant optionsWith dental implants, we can replace one tooth, multiple teeth using an implant retained bridge (also called a hybrid bridge), or even ALL of your teeth with as little as four implant points (which is why it’s sometimes called an All-on-4).


All-on-4 graphicAre Your Teeth in Bad Shape? Imagine…

A permanent solution to your dental needs with no slipping and sliding and no adhesives


Being able chew and taste everything, since the implant doesn’t cover the roof of your mouth like a denture would…


Having natural looking, permanent teeth that you can brush, floss and smile with without worry


And with our Same Day Teeth process, you’ll never leave our office without having teeth.


People of all ages, even those who have been turned away by other dentists or told their teeth were beyond hope, have had their lives changed with dental implants.


Let Dr. Norton determine the right solution and treatment for you. Call today for a dental implant consultation.