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Have you been thinking about cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile? If you have crooked teeth, or gaps, you might think you’ll need extensive work to correct what seems like big problems.

But the reality is much different! At Dr. Glenn Norton’s dental office in Evansville, we will usually have different options at different price points to choose from, and to fit your budget. We can also spread your treatment out through several phases so you don’t have to pay it all at once.

Mike’s story is a good example of a patient who definitely needed some changes to improve his smile.

Mike came to us in January of this year to discuss fixing his teeth. You can see his teeth were pretty yellow, he had some gaps in his teeth, and some that were very crooked. They had always been that way, but it was just never the right time to get them fixed.

Mike’s a field superintendent in the construction industry. He’s married and has two children. Like any good parent, his family’s needs came first and both kids needed orthodontic work. After their work was complete, he decided it was time to take care of himself. We gave Mike different options to make over his smile, and he chose to have dental bonding.

First, we gave Mike a tooth whitening treatment, to reveal the whitest color his teeth could be. We custom-colored the dental bonding materials to match.

Dental bonding involves applying thin layers of the composite bonding material that form a chemical bond to each other. Dr. Norton carefully sculpted and shaped each layer to create the best look and function of Mike’s teeth.

The results? Well, you can see for yourself. Mike’s like a new person! And what’s also amazing is the procedure was completed in just one appointment, with one follow-up to fine-tune the work.

Dental bonding is just one of many cosmetic dentistry options you have at Dr. Norton’s dental office in Evansville. And cosmetic dentistry is part of our comprehensive dental care, which includes general and restorative dentistry, and placement of dental implants.

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