Fall in Love with Your Smile

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There’s a lot to say about a healthy, beautiful smile. Some people are lucky to have one naturally. Others have to battle against genetics, accidents, or aging. When time, or life itself, takes a toll on your teeth, your confidence can dwindle and it’s common to begin hiding your smile. However, you don’t need to… Read more »

Smiles and Success: The Correlation Between Your Grin and Your Job

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We’d all like to believe we were hired for our brains, our passion for the job, and because we were the best fit all around. Unfortunately, that’s not always true. Everyone at my Evansville dental office wants you to know that, while it may sound incredibly superficial, the way you look can affect your ability… Read more »

The Night Fight – Getting Rid of the Grind

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You wake up with a headache most mornings. Your tongue looks weirdly scalloped. Your teeth have hairline fractures and look shorter than they used to. What is happening while you sleep? It could be bruxism, otherwise known as unconscious clenching and grinding. If it is, you really need a nightguard. What Exactly is a Nightguard?… Read more »