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GPM-1657-Blogs-Jan1The ball has dropped, the champagne has popped, and the resolutions are in full swing. Everyone has started putting a lot more pressure on their appearance, how much they weigh, and on changing their lives. Sometimes this means buying a gym membership and new sneakers, other times it begins a journey to quit smoking. While we can’t help you fulfill all of your resolutions (although we’ll encourage you all the way!), all of us at Dr. Glenn Norton’s Evansville dental office can help you celebrate the New Year with a new smile you’re proud to show off.

Often times things like ag

ing, genetics, or accidents can affect our teeth and make us hide our smiles. However, a lot of the teeth trouble we see can be easily fixed with some cosmetic dentistry from the Evansville dentist you trust.

We offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry options that can transform your smile. If you’re in need a brighter, whiter smile, try a professional smile whitening treatment. If your teeth need an aesthetic boost, our veneers can help with that. Even if you need a complete smile makeover, our Evansville cosmetic dentistry options can help get you smiling again.

There’s never been a better time to get the smile of your dreams. Give Dr. Glenn Norton a call today and schedule an appointment to discuss your cosmetic dentistry options. Start the New Year off right. Start with a new smile. We’ll be with you every step of the way.


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We’ve all been there. We look in the mirror and realize that time, foods, or habits have taken away from the luster and bright whiteness of our teeth and we’re not smiling as much because of it.  When this happens, we often turn to smile whitening procedures. However, Dr. Glenn Norton wants you to know that it’s important to visit your dentist in Evansville before moving forward with a whitening treatment.

Since some options for whitening your smile can lead to damage, and sometimes, even pain, it’s important to have an initial visit with your dentist before you jump into a teeth whitening routine. By visiting us before choosing a teeth whitening regimen, we can discuss your desires, examine you to see if whitening is appropriate, and help you choose the best option for your smile.

Sometimes people skip this step and head straight to their local drugstore to pick up the cheapest over-the-counter whitening product, but this can lead to some damaging consequences.

Many drugstore whitening products have trays that hold the whitening solution. These are inserted into the mouth, over the teeth. However, since these trays are not custom fitted for your unique mouth, it’s not unusual for the solution to leak onto your gums and sit there for an extended period of time. This can lead to gum irritation. Additionally, some over-the-counter whiteners can cause tooth sensitivity and are sometimes ineffective at giving you your desired results.

With a quick visit to our dental office in Evansville, we can work together to figure out how to successfully and safely get your pearly whites bright and vibrant again. If a whitening treatment isn’t for you, we can talk about alternatives like veneers or bonding. Either way, starting off with a visit to us is the best way to get you smiling again!

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In addition to following a good home oral healthcare routine of flossing and brushing, maintaining biannual checkups at Dr. Glenn Norton’s Evansville dental office is the best thing you can do for the health of your smile, and your body.

When you stop in for your six month appointment, we’ll check for any signs of gum disease, oral cancer, cavities, broken teeth, damaged fillings, and more. We’ll also conduct a thorough cleaning and polish and floss your teeth for a clean, fresh mouth.

While we obviously love to keep your teeth and gums healthy, visiting us at least every six months doesn’t only help your smile, it can also help protect your overall health

Oral health issues, like gum disease, can lead to whole-body problems such as cancer, strokes, heart disease, and other scary health problems. By maintaining regular checkups and cleanings with your dentist in Evansville, you can help catch any potential problems before they start or before they have a chance to affect the rest of your body.

Visiting Dr. Glenn Norton at least twice a year is essential to your oral healthcare routine. If you’re at risk for certain dental issues, we’ll sometimes recommend that you see us more often to ensure that we’re being proactive with your health.

If you’re due for a checkup and cleaning, give our Evansville dental office a call to schedule an appointment today. We can’t wait to see you!

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Woman Flossing Her TeethA lot of times we are presented with the question, “Do I really need to floss, or is brushing enough?” Dr. Glenn Norton in Evansville wants you to know that flossing isn’t just a suggest

ion; it’s an essential part of a healthy oral-wellness routine.

Proper flossing can help reduce the risk of gum disease and cavities, and is an important step toward having an overall healthy mouth. In fact, The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends flossing at least once a day in order to achieve optimal oral health.

Daily flossing removes plaque and bacteria from between the teeth — where a toothbrush can’t reach. If you’re just starting to adopt a good flossing habit, you may experience minor discomfort. It’s important that you don’t stop. If the discomfort doesn’t go away after a week or two of daily flossing, be sure to visit our Evansville dental office as soon as possible.

Flossing Tips for Healthy Gums

  • Floss before brushing your teeth

  • Glide the floss in between each tooth using a sawing motion

  • Angle the floss in a “c” shape around the tooth and slightly below the gumline

  • Repeat on the opposite tooth

  • Unravel the floss from your fingers, supplying fresh floss for each set of teeth

  • Finish up with a proper brushing

Even if you do floss habitually and correctly, it’s still very important to maintain regular visits with your dentist in Evansville. If you’re in need of a professional cleaning or check up, or if you just want to show off your healthy gums, call us to schedule an appointment today.

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Do you have dentures? Are you tired of worrying about whether they’ll slip? Tired of the sticky adhesive you have to use to try to hold them in place? Tired of never eating the foods you love? Evansville dentist Dr. Glen Norton offers dentures without any of these drawbacks – implant supported dentures! Many people have never even heard of implant retained dentures, and when they discover them, they have a few questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you decide if implant retained dentures are right for you.

Am I a good candidate for implant retained dentures?

Are you:

  • dissatisfied with loose, uncomfortable dentures?

  • tired of the difficulties associated with eating?

  • longing to speak and laugh with confidence?

  • tired of using adhesives to secure your dentures?

Then you are probably a good candidate for these special dentures.

What’s the big difference between implant retained dentures and traditional dentures?

Traditional dentures sit directly on your gums and are usually held in place with some type of denture adhesive. They can feel loose or slip and pinch, and discomfort is one of the primary complaints patients have about traditional dentures. Implant retained dentures snap on to implant posts so they do not need adhesives and you can eat almost anything you want without fear of slippage.

What are implants and how do they retain my dentures?

Implants are Titanium posts surgically placed into your jawbone. Most patients experience very little discomfort from the procedure, and as the body heals, it integrates the posts as if they were replacement tooth roots. This creates a base for your implant dentures. The dentures are then affixed to the posts for a stable and comfortable smile.

 Are implant retained dentures healthy?

Titanium is uniquely biocompatible. Because of this, it actually fuses with your bone in a process called “osseointegration.” Bone is living and must be stimulated to remain intact, and placing Titanium implants tricks your bone into performing as if your teeth and roots were still there, stimulating it and keeping it from resorbing. This means that you will not experience the aging facial collapse or TMJ difficulties so common in denture wearers.

What can I expect from my implant retained dentures?

Most patients experience a new feeling of freedom and confidence with their implant dentures. They are also much more comfortable wearing the dentures for extended periods of time and eating more of the foods they enjoy, because the implant is held in place by the posts and will not abrade the gum tissue or come loose during chewing.

If you are interested in learning more about these innovative dentures, please  call Dr. Glenn Norton at his Evansville dental office today.

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In our last blog, we talked about using the right toothbrush for optimal oral health. All of us at Glenn H. Norton, DMD in Evansville also think it’s important that our patients know how to choose the best toothpaste to keep their smiles healthy.

With so many options to choose from, selecting the right toothpaste can be a pretty overwhelming task. From pastes to gels, flavors to fluoride and whiteners, how can you be sure you’re using the right toothpaste?

Let’s start with the basics.

Although toothpaste comes in a variety of forms, there are some common ingredients in most toothpastes:

  • Abrasive agents like calcium carbonate to help remove food, bacteria, and some stains.

  • Flavoring which is often added to make toothpaste taste better.

  • Substances like glycerol that helps prevent the paste from drying out.

While most toothpastes have these basic ingredients, there is one all-important ingredient to look for when choosing a toothpaste – fluoride.

Fluoride is key in the fight against tooth decay and cavities, and helps protect your teeth by making tooth enamel stronger. Fluoride is a necessary ingredient in toothpaste to help maintain oral health.

In addition to fluoride-infused toothpastes, there are toothpastes that help with tartar control, sensitive teeth, and even ones that help whiten. No matter what type of toothpaste you choose to use in Evansville dentist, it’s important to follow these three rules:

    1) Buy a toothpaste that has fluoride.

    2) Look for the American Dental Association seal of approval.

    3) Make sure you like your toothpaste flavor and texture to ensure that you brush twice a day.

And don’t forget to keep up with your professional cleanings at the Evansville dental office of Dr. Glenn Norton. If you’re due for a check up or cleaning, give us a call and schedule your appointment today!

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Are you tired of your dentures? You might have good reason to be! Most dentures are not created with consideration for your features or your bite and simply don’t look good. They can make your face look collapsed and age you well beyond your years. Worse, ill-fitting dentures can contribute to bone loss, with most of the loss occurring in the first 12 months after the teeth are removed. Some people lose over 40 percent of the height and width of the mouth structure in the first year.  This is one of the major contributors to ill-fitting dentures and discomfort when chewing.

Dr. Glenn Norton Offers a Comfortable and Beautiful Solution

You have probably heard about how dental implants can replace missing teeth for the ultimate in comfort and function. But you already wear full or partial  dentures – how could you possibly replace all those teeth with single dental implants? Most people can’t. That’s when Evansville dentist Dr. Norton recommends implant supported dentures to his dental patients. These incredible dentures are superior options to traditional dentures, not only because they are created to enhance your appearance, but also because they are held securely in place by implant posts. No adhesive is needed yet they remain comfortable all day, every day, with no fear of slippage. Even better, they support your bone to prevent that aging, collapsed appearance, and they look so much like natural teeth, many people never notice that they aren’t your own.

The Beautiful Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

Because dentures don’t support the bones that once held your teeth, your bone will begin to deteriorate. Most of the bone loss occurs in the very first year of denture use, and the aging effect is almost instantaneous.  Lips begin to look significantly thinner, jowls become more prominent, and the mouth takes a downward turn. Because the mouth is compressed, sores often form at the corners. Even worse, if dentures don’t fit properly, eating, speaking, and laughing can become difficult and embarrassing ventures.
Not so with implant retained dentures from Dr. Glen Norton. Because the implant posts support the bone, the bone remains intact and the aging effect of tooth loss is avoided. Your lips remain full, your mouth upturned, and best of all, you can eat whatever you like and speak with complete confidence. For more information about implant retained dentures, call Dr. Glenn Norton at his Evansville dental office today.

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popcornWe all know that sugary foods are bad for your teeth. But did you know that some sugary foods are worse than others? And that some non-sugary snacks can also be dangerous to your smile? At the Evansville dental office of Glenn H. Norton, DMD,  we want to educate you on the harmful effects of certain tasty treats to help you protect your smile.

While it’s common knowledge that sugar and sugary foods can cause extensive damage to the mouth, it may surprise some to know that not all sugary foods are equally dangerous. Sticky foods, and particularly sugary sticky foods, are more detrimental to teeth than sugar alone.

The sticky texture of these types of foods, including caramel and taffy, causes them to become stuck on the surfaces and in crevices of teeth. When this happens, sugars linger in the mouth for longer, making teeth more prone to decay.

Foods other than sweets can also be harmful to teeth and oral health. Hard foods like popcorn kernels and ice cubes can cause damage and even lead to broken teeth in Evansville. While teeth are strong and meant to help us chew food, they do have a breaking point. Consistent crunching of ice can lead to little cracks and chips, while snacking on popcorn can lead to other problems in the mouth.

This movie theater favorite is particularly dangerous. Hard, unpopped kernels can hide easily and aren’t detected until it’s too late, which can no doubt lead to broken or chipped teeth. But the husks can also cause issues by getting stuck in the gums and causing irritation.

To help keep smiles healthy, it’s important to see your Evansville dentist regularly for routine cleanings and checkups – especially if you’re an ice cruncher or popcorn popper. If you do happen to catch that pesky hidden kernel with your molar, don’t wait. We’re not only here to help prevent problems, we’re also here to help fix any issues you may have and get you back to smiling. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

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Sept1-Sensitive teeth

Having sensitive teeth is one of our patients’ most common complaints. In fact, at least 40 million adults in the US suffer from it. But why do your teeth become sensitive in the first place, and how can you ease the pain it causes? At the dental office of Glenn H. Norton, DMD, we’re here to help.

Teeth can become sensitive when the hard enamel of your teeth wears down or your gums recede, which causes the tiny tubes located in the dentin (the layer of tissue found beneath the hard enamel, containing the inner pulp) to be exposed. When this happens, the nerves are easily irritated and the result is sensitive tooth pain that is felt when eating or drinking hot or cold food, touching your teeth, or exposing them to cold air.

How to Avoid Sensitive Teeth in Evansville

There are some habits that make you more susceptible to having sensitive teeth. Eating or drinking foods that are highly acidic, such as citrus fruits or soda, can increase your risk of sensitivity. Avoid brushing too hard and don’t use a hard-bristled toothbrush. Also, ingredients in some whitening toothpastes may also lead to, or increase, sensitivity.

How Do You Treat Sensitive Teeth?

Easing the pain associated with sensitive teeth can be done by using a desensitizing toothpaste or by visiting our office for sealants and fluoride as both help with desensitizing. And if your teeth are really sensitive for prolonged periods and the pain becomes worse with hot and/or cold temperatures, it’s best to come see us at Glenn H. Norton, DMD as soon as possible. We will perform a full evaluation to make sure the pain isn’t associated with a cavity or abscess and we’ll help to ease your sensitive tooth pain.

If you’re experiencing sensitive teeth in Evansville, contact us today. We look forward to seeing you!

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Aug2-Gum Disease Part 3

At our dental office in Evansville, we take gum disease seriously and we want all of our patients to be aware of the signs of gum disease, how it can affect the rest of body, and how to prevent it.

What Is Periodontal Disease?

“Periodontal disease” is the technical name for gum disease, an infection of those tissues that support and surround your teeth. While there are times when gum disease doesn’t have any signs, common symptoms that could indicate a problem include:

  • Gums that bleed during and after tooth brushing

  • Red, swollen or tender gums

  • Persistent bad breath or bad taste in the mouth

  • Receding gums

  • Formation of deep pockets between teeth and gums

  • Loose or shifting teeth

Furthermore, gum disease not only causes issues in your mouth, it can also indicate other problems within your body and make you more susceptible to serious health issues and diseases.

In fact, people with gum disease are more prone to strokes, heart attacks, heart disease, certain cancers, and diabetes, among other severe health concerns.

How Can You Prevent Gum Disease?

  • Brush 2-3 times a day for 2-3 minutes with a soft toothbrush and an anti-plaque toothpaste.

  • Floss once a day, and rinse twice a day with a good mouthwash.

  • Avoid sticky sweet foods – prolonged contact can damage teeth.

  • Don’t smoke. Using tobacco multiplies your risk of gum disease by six times and makes it harder to treat.

  • Make sure to see your Evansville dentist at least twice a year.

Visiting the dental office of Glenn H. Norton, DMD regularly is a great way to keep an eye on your oral health and also to spot any trouble areas before they have a chance to become big problems. If we do happen to find active gum disease, don’t worry. Although gum disease is a scary thing, it is easily treatable with early detection.

If you’re due for a regular visit or if you have noticed any of the symptoms we’ve talked about

here, give us a call at our Evansville dental office at 855-270-0609 today.