A New High-Tech Way to Find Cavities

CariVu Technology


CariVu is an amazing new diagnostic tool that lets us see into your teeth like never before to find cavities and cracks and capture pictures of them for
diagnostic review and sharing with you on-screen. When used in conjunction with your x-rays, more detail can be seen than ever before.

The process is painless and simple. Flexible arms on the handheld tool gently hug the tooth and bathe it in near-infrared light as the built-in camera captures live video and still images.

CariVu can be safely used on every person as often as needed, and because it uses no X-rays, it’s especially beneficial for pregnant women and others who want to avoid ionizing radiation.

Using this technology in addition to your regular x-rays, a potential cavity may be identified sooner which can call for taking more preventive measures then monitoring changes over time.

CariVu is particularly good for finding a cavity between teeth, even in the early stages. Since its actual size and shape can be seen, treatment can be more targeted.

It’s also useful for discovering a crack. Since the tooth can be viewed from multiple angles, it makes it easier to see the shape and extent of a fracture and aids in determining the best course of action.

Images are stored in your patient record and can be compared from visit to visit. They can also be shared with specialists when necessary.

Make your appointment today to experience our new technology that helps us examine your teeth with even more clarity for better prevention and dental wellness.