Implant-Supported (Fixed) DenturesNot all patients have jaws that can support an implant for every tooth. That used to mean you’d have to wear traditional dentures, which sit on your gums with adhesive. You have to worry about slipping or avoid certain foods, so you don’t loosen the adhesive.

But with implant-supported dentures, your dentures are made to “snap” onto carefully placed implants. You can have as few as two implants per arch! (Although Dr. Norton may recommend additional implants depending on your needs.) Implant-supported dentures will be secure and custom-fit to your mouth. You don’t need adhesive, and you can eat what you like.

Implant dentistry by Dr. Norton is another example of the attention he pays to every patient, evaluating and designing just the right solution and treatment for you. We’re not here to get as many patients in the door and make as much money as possible. We’re here to take care of our patients, one person at a time.